Premium New Zealand Honey



Contributing to community development

Onuku Limited is a 100% Maori-owned company based in Whakatane, New Zealand. Onuku is associated with the Onuku Maori Lands Trust (OMLT) that owns, administers and farms approximately 2363 Hectares of prime land at the base of the mighty Mount Tarawera, which erupted in 1866, and the shores of Lake Rotomahana. A stone’s throw to the famous sunken Pink and White terraces that were once considered the ‘Eighth wonder of the World’. The forming of Onuku Limited was based on the opportunity to utilize the vast experience of the team and its many national and international market contacts and to diversify their current farming portfolio. As a Maori brand, Onuku will continue to build its relationships with other Maori stakeholders to expand and solidify its supply network and help support the development of the Maori economy.



Manuka honey with accountable and traceable quality

We have strict quality standards and control, with networks in the Manuka honey industry and supply channels. We have so much enthusiasm and confidence in our honey quality that we’ve gone the extra mile and adopted the Origins™ authentication system. By tapping your NFC enabled device against the product or scanning the unique 2D datamatrix code on the label using a barcode scanning app, you can access batch specific information relevant to that product. Utilising the Origins™ authentication and anti-counterfeiting system and the Origins™ ApiTrak™ supply chain management and traceability system has enabled Onuku to take consumer engagement and product authentication to the next level.

Members of the most widely respected authority for New Zealand Manuka honey

Onuku is a member of the Unique Manuka Factor Association (UMFHA) which has strict criteria for honey producers – absolutely assuring customers of genuine quality by:

  • Independent production facility quality audits

  • Independent audits on authenticity of advertising and label claims

  • Independent product traceability to prevent counterfeiting

  • Adjudication by an independent commissioner

  • Standardised testing in place across all territories where UMF™ Manuka Honey products are sold.